Flawless Sunkissed Definition - 200ml Self Application


The most magical tan yet! Ideal for day to day wear or as a base tan in preparation for your stage tan.

This beautiful natural golden brown colour will have all your friends wondering which tropical  island you have just visited.

Very easy to apply to yourself by spritzing the liquid onto the self application mitt (included) and rubbing evenly all over the body. Allow 6 hours after application before showering! Magic Tan washes out of bed linen and clothing very easily!

Magic Tan does contain DHA as well as a darker colour guide pigment that helps to ensure that your tan is evenly applied. You can easily see where you have applied the tan, and where needs b;ending for smoothness. The DHA is enough to give you a lovely natural golden brown tan for up to two weeks after the colour guide is washed off after your first shower. Ideal for day to day wear, special occasions like proms or weddings, and to ensure the longest life from your sunkissed tan - moisturize daily!

**200ml spray bottle self application bottle. Bottle shape and style might vary.