Please note: We do not accept refunds or exchanges on any of our off the peg (ready-made/quick ship clothing) items after they have been shipped out.

Our off the peg bikinis are READY-MADE/ready to wear bikinis, also known as ‘instant ship bikinis’. They are brand new and are available for purchase, via our web-store only. For hygiene purposes, these items are not available to try on before purchasing, unless by the Owner’s consent in rare instances. 

A Beginners Guide on How-To Shop our Off the Peg Bikinis

Sizing Chart

Step 1 
The sizes of our off the peg bikinis (i.e. XS, S, M, L & XL) refer to the bikini TOP sizes only. Therefore shop, according to the correct TOP size & style to fit your leanest bra size (as professionally measured). Further information on choosing your correct TOP size & style will follow below.

Step 2 
Bikini Bottoms 
When it comes to bodybuilding, once your body is ready to get on stage, most hip & glute sizes fit into a similar range (‘stage sizes’). There are of course a few exceptions, for example, if you are petite or statuesque. The bikini bottoms (unless stated otherwise in the bikinis’ description) are made to fit typical stage sizes, which fall within the approximate range below:

  • Widest hip circumference measurement (measured on your actual hip bone): 78cm to 85cm
  • Widest glute circumference measurement (measured around the widest part of your glutes): 94cm to 98cm

Our new beach bikini bum cuts come in a slightly larger size, generally fitting hips up to 100cm wide. All our full fabric bottoms (non-connector style) generally have good stretch, so if your sizes are within the above range, the bottoms should fit perfectly. Thank goodness for stretchy fabric!

On bottoms which have diamante (metal) hip connectors, you will see little lengths of strap on the insides of the back of the bottoms where the connectors on the hip join the front to the back of the pants. If necessary, this extra length of strap can be used to make the bottoms, slightly bigger or smaller. Anyone who is handy with a un-picker tool, plus a needle & thread, can assist you with this, if you are unable to do it yourself. There is a video on our Magic Bikinis YouTube channel that can be used for guidance. To view the video click onto the link:



Step 3 
Bikini Tops 
To ensure the best fit, it is crucial to get professionally bra fitted, by a specialty bra shop or by the lingerie section of your favourite department store (for example, Victoria’s Secret, Satin Candy, Triumph, Woolworths etc.).

If you anticipate on losing a significant amount of weight, it is important to bear the following in mind;

  1. At what stage are you in your prep?
  2. How many weeks are there still to go before the show?
  3. How has your body responded thus far?
  4. Is there much ‘squishiness’ e.g. around your under arm area, that you expect on shredding before the show?
  5. Do you have implants?

Sometimes it’s very difficult to judge exactly what your show day bust size will be. This is especially true if you have completely natural breasts. If things progress more dramatically than expected, thankfully we can supply you with a pair of silicone bust enhancers or little foam beans. These can make a huge difference to the pout of a bust. They fit inside the little pockets in the lining of each of our cups.

We have 4 different style bikini tops *match the sizes with your leanest bra size (as professionally measured)

Padded Push-up Triangle Foam Cups *the push-up foam cup is ideal for enhancing your bust

  • XS: 30A,B, 32AA (with a wider cup gap)
  • S: 30C, 32A,B
  • M: 32C, small D, 34A,B, small 34C
  • L: 34C, small D, 36A, small B
  • XL: 34DD, 36C

Soft Cups with Removable Inserts *the soft fabric triangles can slide on the string, to be gathered up or spread out. This type of cup can give an augmented bust a more natural look. Ideally this style is preferred by body fitness and physique athletes as they do not gape at all in the 3/4 poses if they are required by your chosen federation.

  • S: 32A,B & small C
  • M: 32C,D, 34A,B,C, sometimes a small D, or even a 34DD (with perky implants & depending on how much breast coverage you are happy with)
  • L: 34C (quite covered), 34D, 34DD, 36A,B & small C (less breast coverage
  • XL: 36C (more coverage), 36D

Underwire Cups *these are similar to a T-shirt bra. The inside foam lining is slightly thicker at the base of the underwire for support, but not to give you a push-up/’bust pout’ effect. These will state the actual bra size. 

Ultra Thick Underwire Bra Cups * These cups are amazing on many levels... Typically the cup of choice for very small busted athletes as well as ladies with breast implants as they can help to create the illusion of a wider top half of your body. The foam is so thick that it's often recommended that you choose a size bigger than what you actually are. So if you are actually a bra size 32A , a choose size 32B. If you are bra size 34C - choose bra size 34D.

The Underwire Wedge Cup * This clever little addition to your custom order bikini is a built in wedge or gap filler. To help with the illusion of a broader upper body and even the ladies that have virtually no breast tissue  can wear a large size bra top with this style. The wedge fills the gap that often forms with the traditional underwire bra cups and all the compulsory poses. See more here