About Magic Bikinis


About Kathrine Fleur

"I'm a Danville Park Girls High old girl, and upon completing Matric I embarked on a 3 year diploma course in Fashion Design and Technology at Natal Techikon. After Graduation it was absolutely essential for my spirit to take flight and I spent the next five years living and working in the UK and Australia. I traveled extensively loving every minute of the scenery, food, culture and general travel experience that the world had to offer.

Returning to South Africa in 2004 I found myself stifled by the corporate world and decided that it was long past time to start my own design business. Good Grief - what a learning curve!?!! With a passion for fine couture, I began custom manufacturing wedding gowns and Matric dance dresses. I loved achieving the precision that fine detail required. The lace, the tulle, the silk, the satin and more than anything the fine beading and embellishing."

The Start of Magic Bikinis

"As an off shoot to the wedding industry, I found myself making fun and funky hens party costumes, and supplied numerous wedding shops around South Africa. It was through this line of adult fancy dress costumes that a young bikini competitor got my details and inquired about a little outfit that she needed for a fitness routine for a bodybuilding show.

I duly made her a racy little number for the show. She was thrilled with the outcome, which of course delighted me no end! (we all know about the perfectionist side to serious bodybuilding).

By the by she asked me if I made bikinis. I gulped! Oh my stars?!?!?!! Never in my professional career had I ever made a bikini, and especially not one designed to tastefully expose as much flesh as possible without it looking obscene! I laughed, and joked and said that I would give it my best shot!

Gosh - talk about blood, sweat and tears, but eventually... we got it right! That beautiful young athlete won just about every competition that she entered after that. I'd like to believe that my bikinis played some part in her victories and rise to stardom in the fitness industry. I soon became, and I am still to this day- her bikini sponsor!"

IFBB Pro- Tamryn Jackson (now Dreyer)

"I owe Tamryn my sincerest gratitude! Firstly, for finding me to make her first fitness routine outfit & bikinis, and mostly for believing in my ability as a young designer. For always expecting nothing short of the best from me. She pushed me way beyond my own expectations and aided me in believing that everything can be made possible though a dedicated mindset. She helped me become the bikini designer that I am today, and I'm so proud to be her sponsor!

Looking back, I never in a million years believed that bikinis would become my full time career and passion! I don't feel as though I have worked a single day since I started Magic Bikinis. I absolutely love my job, and it's my greatest pleasure to assist all athletes in looking and feeling their absolute best on stage!"


Kathrine Fleur

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