Medium Waist Shaper - Fits Waist +66-71cm


These gorgeous little waist shapers help to bring back those lovely lady curves but securely holding everything!

The hooks and eyes hold tight, and there is no velcro to make ripping sounds, or to snag onto any other fabrics on your body.

Not only do they flatten a tummy, they hold you up straight, and offer tired back and hips nice support! If you have to stand all day in your profession - these will certainly help with physical tiredness!

To check sizing - measure your waist - ie: the narrowest circumference around your torso(usually in line with your belly button) and check the sizes

Small - fits waist 60-65cm

Medium - fits waist 66-71cm

Large fits waist 71 - 76cm

Extra Large - fits waist 77-82cm