All Pleaser heels on this website are imported from America. Depending on the style orders some shipments can take 5-6 weeks to arrive. Please ensure that you have allowed yourself enough time for this shoe ordering process to be as stress free as possible for everyone! Please do not expect your heels to arrive at your door before 5 weeks from order date. 

In our experience we find that it is best to order your usual regular South Africa shoe size. We will order the UK version of that size. So for example: if you usually wear a size 6 in South Africa, we will order you the UK size 6. The conversion in reality will actually mean that the sole length of the shoe will be a few millimeters longer than your actual sole length, but it also means that there is much less likely hood of the shoes being slightly too small when they arrive. Please use the shoe sole length chart next to each shoes photo as a guide to make sure you are actually ordering the best size for you. The best way to measure the actual length of your sole is to place your bare foot onto a piece of paper and draw around it. Then simply measure from your heel to the end of your longest toe with a ruler. In some instances this COULD mean that you may need a size other than what you are used to. This decision will be yours entirely!

If you submit your form with guessed or incorrect information, it may result in you receiving the incorrect size shoes. It is up to you to make sure that you order the correct size and equally importantly, the style required by the federation with which you wish to compete. Some federations have strict shoe rules! Magic Bikinis will not be held responsible if you order the incorrect style according to the federation rules.

Once you have confirmed your shoe order with our sales team, you have committed to the purchase of the shoes. Shoes will only be ordered once we have received your payment in full!

NO cancellations or amendments will be accepted after your shoes have been paid for and our order has been submitted to Pleaser in America!

Having followed the above guidelines for shoe sizing, Magic Bikinis will not refund or exchange any shoes of the incorrect size.

Helpful hints:

    1. Make sure your feet are clean and thoroughly dry. Use a bit of talcum powder to help with this.
    2. Carefully warm up the clear plastic over the toe area with a hairdryer. When the plastic is warm its more pliable and “stretchy” and you should be able to get your feet into them.
    3. Stand in them and walk around a little bit. The plastic will soon shape to your own foot and will feel a lot more comfortable.
    4. To prevent blisters, plaster up those cute little toes before you start posing practice!
    5. If you have a particularly wide foot, please consider ordering one size up for comfort. This is done entirely at your own discretion.
    6. If you feel that your shoes are slightly on the big size when they arrive, try a pair of our silicone in soles. Not only are they very comforting on the balls of your feet, they will help to give your shoes a more snug fit.
    7. Finally – Smile and enjoy wearing those sexy little babies! Your legs and tooshy will love you for choosing Pleaser heels!