Behind the Scenes with Kathrine Fleur: The Magic of Bikini Design

In a captivating interview with Lais Villamur and Coach Rafael Moret (Lais and The Coach), Kathrine Fleur, Founder and Chief Magician of Magic Bikinis, shared her inspiring journey and the artistry behind creating world-leading competition bodybuilding bikinis.

Kathrine's adventure into bikini design began unexpectedly. With a background in fashion design and a stint in the bridal industry, her entry into the world of bodybuilding bikinis started with a fun request for a fancy dress costume. This request sparked a new passion, leading her to transition from bridal couture to the vibrant and detailed world of competition bikinis.

Based in Durban, South Africa, Magic Bikinis has become a pivotal part of the bodybuilding community, not just locally but on the global stage. Kathrine's approach is deeply personalised; she works closely with athletes to ensure their bikinis not only fit perfectly but also complement their physique and personality, enhancing their confidence on stage.

The process of creating a competition bikini with Magic Bikinis is intricate and tailored. Kathrine and her team engage with clients from the initial consultation, through detailed design discussions, to the final touches, ensuring each suit is a masterpiece. They consider everything from the federation's requirements to the athlete's personal style and the practicalities of performance.

The Magic Bikinis team's commitment to excellence is evident in Kathrine's dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience, from the first sketch to the final product. The result is not just a competition bikini but a boost of confidence that competitors carry on stage.

For those interested in starting their journey with Magic Bikinis, Kathrine can be reached through multiple platforms, ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you can experience the magic of a perfectly crafted "Magic Bikini".

To discover more about Magic Bikinis and start your own journey to the stage, visit our websites or connect through our social media channels.

Thank you to So You Think You Want To Compete! Join us in celebrating the creativity and passion that Kathrine brings to the bodybuilding world, one bikini at a time.

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